A Pearl and Diamond Necklace – Best combination ever

Over the past few years pearls have come back into fashion. With a combination of pearls and diamonds in the creation of jewelry especially necklaces, there is a great variation that you can see in the demand of pearl jewelry and also because using pearls in combination with other precious stones has come back into fashion. The pearl and diamond necklaces have been used by the royal families for a very long time. In fact in 2006 after the auction of His Royal Highness Princess Margaret’s 18th birthday gift the demand for similar necklaces has grown considerably.

pearl and diamond necklace 2014

The trend of the demand of a pearl and diamond necklace over a drop necklace is ever increasing and this trend is reflected at big auction houses, where these beauties are sold for a record breaking sum. Often you will see celebrities wearing these treasures of the sea joined together with diamonds to complement their perfect necks. These necklaces go really well with diamonds earrings or even simple pearl earrings. If you are looking to invest in one of these necklaces, then also consider purchasing a pair of earrings to go along with it. Make sure that the earrings you purchase are simple and not very flashy as you would want people to see that you are wearing a perfect set but focus more on the beautiful necklace, then the earrings.

pearl and diamond necklace style

When you go to purchase the perfect pearl and diamond necklace there is a great chance that you may be spoilt for choice and may not be able to find the right design or may have difficulty in choosing. In order to remedy this, the best thing to do is to do your research and ensure that the design you choose is not only modern but also looks elegant. You should check out different websites for the latest designs before you make that all important purchase.

pearl and diamond necklace design


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