All that you should know about a Diamond Cut Necklace

Buying a diamond cut necklace can be a tough task if you are not well versed with the dynamics of buying diamonds. Though it is commonly said that buying a big diamond necklace involves knowing the 4 C’s of diamonds which everyone is well aware of, but it still important that you review these characteristics before you make the purchase. These 4 C’s include color, clarity cut and carat.

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Diamond cut necklace is often confused with the term diamond cut itself. Diamond Cut does not refer to a diamond’s shape, but to the proportion and arrangement of its facets and the quality of workmanship. The amount of brilliance, sparkle and fire in a diamond is determined by cut. Grades range from ‘Poor’ to ‘Excellent.’Secondly, before purchasing a big diamond necklace it is important that you are well aware regarding the knowledge of carat in diamonds. Diamond Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. Generally speaking, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone. Two diamonds of equal carat weight, however, can have very different quality and price when the other three Cs are considered. You can also look at a blue diamond necklace.

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Diamond Clarity measures the amount, size and placement of internal ‘inclusions,’ and external ‘blemishes.’ Grades run from ‘Flawless,’ with virtually no imperfections, to ‘Included,’ which contain a significant number of imperfections. Lastly the diamond color in most diamonds, the term actually refers to the absence of color. The less color in the stone, the more desirable and valuable it is. Some of these differences are not visible to the naked eye, but directly impact the overall quality and price of the stone. A thorough understanding of the 4 C’s can help you in buying the perfect diamond cut necklace for yourself. You should know that a big diamond necklace doesn’t always look good, but even a small diamond necklace may look good depending upon your style and personality.

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