Camo Wedding Rings for Her and for Outdoor Wedding Idea

If you are going to conduct a wedding in outdoor area with army concept, camo wedding idea will be so great and incredible. People who like being different and not similar with others, camo wedding rings for her, your lovely lady, is necessary to prepare. By wearing the ring, she will be a beautiful outdoors woman and you are a handsome outdoors man. With orange and green silhouettes, the ring offers attractiveness to be put on your ring finger. This article will talk about one of awesome models for camo wedding rings, starting from the design, details, and also price.

Camo Wedding Rings for Her 2013

You will be mesmerized with the simplicity offered by its design. Though the design is not inviting, it keeps the beauty in silence. The more you are looking at the ring, the more beautiful it is. Besides its model, size is also necessary to reveal. For the size, it features 5mm for the petite. The width is around 3 mm wide camo inserted. Options of pattern are also available in three varieties. Those are Mossy Oak, RealTree AP, and RealTree Max 4. On the sidewalls of it, titanium polish completes the touch of the ring. By looking at it, you will know that the beauty of the ring is really hard to be rejected. Another adorable thing that makes the ring special compared to other camo wedding rings for her is there are twenty five characters on the inside if you intend to engrave the ring with your name and your spouse’s name. The shop offers that for free anyway. It is really cool, right?

Camo Wedding Rings for Her photo

The ring is not only the symbol of your official and legal relationship but also it can be a good support for her fashion style. She will look more adorable with the ring. Her camouflage wedding gown with some supportive accessories will complete one another. Then the ring is like a star on a Christmas tree. It completes the camouflage costume pretty well. For the price, compared to diamond rings with fancy details, it is more budget friendly. The price of it is under $300. So, what are you thinking about more? Well, it is true that we need more detail of everything before buying it. The next information revealed is dealing with the camo wedding rings for her material used. Titanium is chosen by the craftsman for its lightweight.

Camo Wedding Rings for Her

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