Choosing the best 14k Gold Necklace

When it comes to necklaces, there is nothing that can be the old school gold necklace. When it comes to the design the most popular 14k gold necklace designs include omega, brick omega, two tone Italian and gold, complemented with pearl. A 14k gold necklace brings forth considerable creativity and innovation in terms of design. Take the instance of the pectoral design, which was very popular among the ancient Egyptians. The choice of design should actually depend on the occasion and your relationship with the person you are looking to gift it too. However, at time you might want to pamper yourself with a gold necklace, so choose what you like out a range of designs that you may find online or at any store.

14k gold chain design

A 14k gold necklace brings forth considerable creativity and innovation in terms of design. When it comes to the different eras, consider the Egyptians for example. They used to wear broad collar gold necklaces were also worn among both the sexes. This goes to show that the gold necklace has been worn by both genders over the ages. It would be fair to say that the gold necklace back then is actually the diamond chains of our time. With regards to the design time and technology have transformed these elaborate designs into more chic ones. The contemporary 14k gold necklace is no longer chunky and heavy but more chic and stylish in design.

14k gold chain 2014

In some cases White gold is dominant over yellow gold; only because at times white gold gives the appearance of platinum, which is a prized metal in today’s time. To make the 14k gold necklace look slightly pink, metals like copper are mixed with gold. This gold, with a pinkish hue, is called ‘Rose Gold.’ Rose gold, along with white gold, forms a major section in the contemporary gold jewelry segment. No matter what type of design you like a 14k gold necklace is one piece of jewelry that will never be out of fashion.

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