Drop Necklaces styles

When it comes to necklaces and the pendants that accompany them, there are a lot of options available in the market. The most famous ones nowadays are the drop necklace designs. These designs are almost as popular as the heart shaped pendant designs when they first came out. If you opt for a drop necklace, you will be able to find several design options even in diamonds. However, to determine the carat of the diamonds, you will have to study the cut. There are many different types of cuts available, like the cushion cut, square, marquisate, circle cut etc. The most perfect however, is the tear drop cut, it requires a lot of precision to be able to come up with the perfect shape for it.

Drop Necklaces ideas

If you are looking for a drop necklace you need to understand that the chain to put it in means a lot more to the overall design of the necklace as well. If you have a professional cut diamond and you place it with an ordinary chain you will be diminishing its beauty. You will not be doing justice to it. Thus, the choice of chain is of utmost importance along with the design of the stone. The color of the stone, needs to compliment the overall design for the necklace.

Drop Necklaces Style

You will have a variety of choices when you are choosing the chain for your drop necklace.  You can choose something that is in yellow gold or white gold. If the stone that you have is shiny, then the best option would be to go for a dull colored chain so that the beauty of the stone does not get over shadowed by the shiny chain. The weight of the chain is also an important consideration. At times you may think a thicker chain will look good, while with some stones a thinner more delicate chain will have to do.

Drop Necklaces design


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