History of Diamond Tennis Bracelet

When it comes to diamond bracelets, the diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry you will ever come across. This may be the only bracelet that will match every wardrobe and can be worn on any occasion; you can even wear it to a tennis game. The bracelet that had diamonds in it was previously just like one of those ordinary diamond chains till back in 1987 when the bracelet started being known as the tennis bracelet.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2014

If you are wondering how the bracelet got its name, it was during an aggressive tennis game where the world number one female tennis star Chris Evert realized that the lock on her bracelet had broken and the diamond pieces had fallen down. She requested for a break so that she could collect the diamonds that had fallen off. This break came as a surprise and got a lot of media attention all over the world. Since that day this inline diamond bracelet has been diamond tennis bracelet. The bracelets are joined together in a symmetrical pattern and their sales have been increasing because of the different designs that are available.

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The sales of the diamond tennis bracelet has also seen an increase in sales because of leading players like Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams who have been seen wearing them, not only at the matches but also at different events. The strength of the bracelet is evident from the fact that these have been worn to tennis matches by these stars. However, the chain was only made stronger after the incident in 1987. The designer quickly saw the flaw in the safety chain and made it strong enough to keep it from falling off the wrist, even during tough matches. It’s fascinating to see how one small incident can bring out such a big change in the Jewelry industry.

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