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When it comes to a man’s choice and style of jewelry it is a lot different from that of a woman. Especially when it come to a necklace men wear, it is extremely different from that of a woman’s especially in style and design.  To start of the necklaces that you see women wear is known to be costume jewelry. Such ornaments are never worn by men mainly because these pieces of jewelry are accompanied with a row of jewels; something that is only fit if you are wearing an evening gown. This is not something that you will ever see a man wearing. When you think of a men’s jewelry it has to be the center piece of the overall outfit that the man is wearing. In short the piece of jewelry is supposed to complement not overwhelm.

Men Necklace 2014

When it comes to a necklace men wear, whether it be a simple diamond necklace or an infinity necklace, for a man the design has to be a little more rugged and also has to be rough around the edges. This is something that all jewelry for men has to be, especially because with a more refined look, it does not come across to be natural – Something a man’s jewelry has to be. It has to come across like you have been wearing it for a very long time; something that was given to you by your grandfather, something that has been in your family for ages.

Men Necklace design

When it comes to the necklace men wear, these wont come across as pieces of jewelry that are extremely extravagant. In fact most of the times, these wont event come across as jewelry but more like something that is worn casually. These pieces of beauty will come across more as stylish pieces of art, than any other thing.

Men Necklace Simple


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