Perfect Combination: Amethyst and Diamond Necklace

There are many combinations in diamond jewelry that have become popular choice among women. One such combination can be seen in an amethyst and diamond necklace.  The combination is elegant and eye-catching. Amethysts are wonderful gemstones and look quite alluring in combination with diamonds in any piece of diamond jewelry. The colour of amethysts is quite regal and the gemstone is perfectly fit to be worn on special occasions with special outfits, gowns and dresses. You may have seen your favourite celebrities wear one of these fine pieces of jewelry on red carpet events or in Hollywood movies. You can emulate the designs or get inspiration to get one designed for you. You can even get one designed for your wedding day.

Amethyst and Diamond Necklace 2014

An amethyst and diamond necklace looks particularly well with purple, violet or a mauve dress. You can even wear it over a white dress. Your necklace will surely standout wherever you go. White gold would be the perfect choice of metal for such fine piece of jewelry. You can even get your amethysts and diamonds set in yellow gold or platinum. This will be one heck of an investment you will make but it would be definitely worth every penny. The necklace looks very classy and elegant. There is something very regal and mystic about it. A diamond starfish necklace can also be done in combination of amethysts and diamonds.

Amethyst and Diamond Necklace images

You can gift an amethyst and diamond necklace to your loved one on a special occasion like a birthday or Valentine’s Day. The combination of amethysts and diamonds can be viewed in the masterpieces proudly presented by world renowned diamond jewelers. There may be one just right for you. The options are endless and you will definitely be confused whether to buy one or more than one.

Amethyst and Diamond Necklace pictures

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