The origins of a Heart Diamond

The Heart diamond is by far the most romantic of all the diamond shapes that you may find in the market. The symbolic shape of the heart shaped diamond instantly goes to show the purity of your love to the one you are gifting it to.. It is due to this that the heart shaped diamond has become so popular a shape around Valentine’s Day as well as dates marking personal relationship touchstones. However, showing love is something that should not be limited to a special occasion. You should celebrate each day with something loving (does not always have to be a heart shape diamond).

Heart diamond gallery

The origin of the heart diamond is found with the pear shape diamond. The heart shape is actually derived directly from pear shaped diamonds. If you want you can have multiple uses for a heart shaped diamond. You can have the heart shaped diamond placed inside an infinity diamond necklace. This will help you in symbolizing how much you love your better half and what they mean to you. The necklace will show them that no matter what you will love them till infinity.

heart diamond design

The heart diamond often begins as a pear shape that has an inclusion within the rounded end. A skilled diamond cutter is able to cut the rough stone into a pear shape that has the inclusion located, ideally, centered in the rounded end of the pear. By excising the inclusion from the rounded end, the diamond shape is divided into two equal lobes, thus creating the heart shape. It is essential to the heart shaped diamond to have a highly skilled cutter, to insure that the distinctive lobes are balanced, smooth and well defined, while retaining a brilliant shine. If you are looking for a gift for someone you love, then this will be a perfect symbol of showcasing how much you love them.

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