Tiffany’s blue round ring, Stunning with Colorful Looks

Diamonds lovers, I know after my post on the round cut wedding rings, many of you wondering how would be the round wedding rings on different models, maybe on different color from the trusted company. I may didn’t specify the models for the round wedding rings on my previous post, since I want to make it broad first, with some of design that could be affordable and move to the higher level on jewelry. Last post I mentioned about the CZ diamonds and also alternative metals that is usually used in men rings, such as titanium and tungsten design. And now, we will go to the first track, could be the right track for the diamond forever jewelry site.So, here we go, we will have more on the Tiffany’s Blue round rings with colorful stones.

Tiffany's blue round ring

Tiffany’s blue round ring

Looking at Tiffany’s blue round ring, you will see how particular the design from Tiffany. The elegant design is the most important thing that needs to be there in every Tiffany design. They even got so many diamond as the Halo design yet the overall design gives the elegant look instead of luxury look. The most important thing,the blue on the design of the Tiffany’s blue round ring is coming from the natural diamond that has been the favorite of all diamonds lovers who lover to read our reviews. Seems like my reviews on CZ diamonds before just kind of refreshment, maybe some of you want to have anternative diamond beside the collection of the real diamonds. The natural diamond that is used is the aquamarine which give you lighter color of sapphire blue. This aquamarine design is paired with the halo design on the rings and named as soleste design. All in halo and paved in right and left side of the center diamond.
Tiffany's blue round ring oval

Tiffany’s blue round ring oval

Actually the soleste rings are also available in the sapphire pink diamonds. Blue is usually connected with the sapphire design, however Tiffany make a kind of innovation to take the pink sapphire, a diamonds that could be called as the twin sister of Sapphire blue. There are also more Tiffany’s blue round rings in other paved designs.
Tiffany's blue round ring halo

Tiffany’s blue round ring halo

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