Trends engagement rings 2013, Floral to Helo Design

Hello diamonds lovers, still in this lovely Tuesday, in the 29th of January 2013 we will head to February in the count of three. I guess all of you feel so excited to see the wonderful February and we will have the valentine with loads of love. Well everybody is waiting for it, so since you still got so much time, use that for the best preparation ever. Well, it is may too early, buy we nearly have 1 month in doing all from the new year, so I guess this is not a wrong thing to get the wrapped up post on this year. One month may not a quick time, but also not as long as you think. Therefore, let us just enjoy the trends  engagement rings 2013, I choose three categories from the classic design we got the yellow gold series, while from the modern view we have the halo paved rings that calmly hiking the mountain of popularity nowadays, and the last one from the vintage geek, we got the art nouveau design which focused on the floral pattern on the rings.

trends  engagement rings 2013 classic

trends engagement rings 2013 classic

Three series rings that I have been mentioned before are all have been featured in this site. I know that you can find it by yourself to get the categories that the rings are involved. Well, why don’t we start from the basic, yes we got the classic style. The classic design in this time have the buyer interested to the classic design of the yelow gold. For me personally, the yellow gold is really awesome. After that, we need to see the Halo design on the rings from Tiffany. The hallo design here have variations such as the number of Halo, one row or two row and paved setting. Well to find the trends  engagement rings 2013, we also make a lot of effort to get all the rings.
trends  engagement rings 2013 halo paved

trends engagement rings 2013 halo paved

Well, whatever your choice in this catalogue, I want you to choose the engagement rings based on your own preferences. Therefore, when whatever your trends  engagement rings 2013 in this year, even though you mat still not get what you want the remaining month of this year is still waiting.While waits for that,you can choose of these floral art noveau design.
Trend engagement rings 2013 floral

Trend engagement rings 2013 floral

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