Wedding Set Rings for Women with Awesome Colored Diamond

It is so undeniable that diamond is the most beautiful ring accessories especially for wedding set. If you are going to bring that idea for your sacred ring when you are taking the vow, there are some kinds of colored diamonds that you can choose. Well, it is true that clear diamond is stunning. However, if you are a person who likes being different, colored diamonds are recommended to choose. Usually, some jewelers offer the diamond in blue, red, green, purple, yellow, or black. You can choose one that you like the most for the wedding set rings for women. Women in common pick the diamond for the engagement ring. Then, the model of wedding ring is created based on it without a colored diamond.

wedding set rings for women idea

Black is so astonishing for women who like sexiness and elegance. Presented with round cut for the center diamond and side ones, the engagement ring is so awesome. Many experts must agree that round diamonds are great for traditional look of wedding set rings for women with diamond. Combined with sexy impression from black, the ring will look adorable. For the center stones, the weight is around 1/4 carat whereas the black side stones are around 1/3 carat. Let us go to the band. Sixteen diamonds are there to beautify the band. Round cutting is still applied. The weight of the diamond is 1/6 carat.

wedding set rings for women design

wedding set rings for women 2012

If you think that you need brighter color than black for the engagement ring diamond, blue is cool. Like the previous example, this set is also presented in round cutting. There are also two side stones and a center stone for the engagement ring. However, the blue diamond is set on the center part. The finish of ring glimmers is highly polished. The blue center diamond is 1/5 carat while the side stones are 1/7 carat. Then, small side stones are 0.06 carat with pave diamond setting. For the band, the white diamonds are fourteen. Weight of each diamond is 1/10 carat. That is so beautiful. You will look so gorgeous with the set. You will not ever regret for choosing this wedding set rings for women model.

wedding set rings for women concept

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